Junior Year

Online Portfolio

Juniors! You are the upbringing of the school! As a Junior we are the next inline for college and to be released into the world. The excitement, rigor, and hardship of junior year is all entailing. The motto of a junior? "God help us". Almost to Senior Year!



My Junior Year Academic Goal is to continue working towards finishing the A-G requirments. To achieve this goal I plan to:

  1. Write out a course list of whats completed and left to complete
  2. Sign up for any classes left to complete
  3. Take extra courses over the summer to make up for anything missed

Evidence #1

A-G List: The A-G list is the overview of all courses I need to complete to meet my A-G requirments. This list serves as a reminder of the courses I need to take to be accepted into High level colleges. This document shows that I am a quality producer and personally responsible.

Evidence #2

Portfolio Page: This portfolio page itself is a representation of my academic success. Not just the completetion of the website, but the creation of it. This portfolio website has been completely coded and edited manually, as well as uploaded to the internet. This project is a represantation of my technological literacy, and how I am a quality producer.

Evidence #3

Physics Keystone Project: My keystone project for Physics is the culmination of all the years work in a final, self driven lab. I put all my effort and knowledge into creating a project to go above and beyond the requirment. This project was self built, tested, and then turned into a hand coded website. This shows i am not only a quality producer, but also technologically literate. Through out the keystone project I also assisted many other students in completing their projects, showing i am a community contributor and effective collaborator.

Evidence #4

End of year grades: My end of the year grades are a representation of the hard work and dedication I have put into my school year. These grade reflect on my abilities as a quality producer, and my ability to be technologically literate.

College and Career Readiness


My goal or Junior year is to start Scholarship proccesses as well as begin choosing what colleges I want to apply to. To achieve this goal I will

  1. Write out a course list of colleges I wish to attend
  2. Research ROTC scholarship applications online
  3. Begin contacting recruiters

Evidence #1

NROTC Scholarship: The NROTC scholarship proccess has been my first application to get the ROTC scholarship. This application has been with the Navy, and is a representation of all my skills, extra-curriculars, and community service events. This is an example of my quality production.

Evidence #2

Top Five: My top five list of colleges is a culmination of research into colleges I want to go to, as well as colleges with ROTC units so I can use the ROTC Scholarship.

  • UCLA
  • University of Arizona
  • University of Colorado
  • University of Michigan
  • Peperdine University



My social goal for Junior year is to continue to view possible careers after High School, and figure out where I want to go in life. To achieve this, I will:

  • Continue to participate in Cadet Programs
  • Speak with parents and elders about career fields they have experience in
  • Continue to research possible career choices and facts about those areas.

Evidence #1

FCRC Army post 124: I joined the Army Explorer Post 124 so I can test out Army life and see if it is something I wish to pursue as a career. This program is a great trial for that with live military environments, Army combat training, field training exercises, medical training, and general drill and ceromonies classes. This program has helped me to decided what career i wish to pursue outside of High School.

Evidence #2

Los Angeles Fire Department: The LAFD Cadet program has also helped me examine what kind of career I want to pursue after I graduate High School. Not only has this program given me insight into how the fire department operates, but I have been able to help my community and ride along with the fire fighters on the engine and ambulances going to calls and acting in a fire-fighter position. This is how I have become a strong community contributor.