Cameron Silber

Online Portfolio

My online portfolio is a representation of me through my highschool career. It contains my achievements and goals i have strived to complete starting from my freshman year to the near future as a senior!

Freshman Year

Freshman Year! The starts of a Highschool career!

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Sophmore Year

One down, Three more to go!

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Junior Year

Almost have it! Just keep swimming!

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Senior Year

It's Here It's Here! Time to CHEER! (Or cry uncontrollably, either one)

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About Me

Going through high school was big step. I had all those stereotypical ideas of what it would be like. I was excited and nervouse and even more excited for the fact that i was in the home stretch for getting out of school and into the world. For most of my life i have had the desire to be a service-man. I have juggled between a career in Police, Military, and the Fire Department.

As a way to see where i fit i have been joining programs that train in these agencies since 8th grade. I started as a Los Angeles Police cadet with West Los Angeles Division. Here I started a long journey of almost the majority of my self-cognisent life. Graduating the Police Cadet Academy was one of my greatest achievements. A year into the Police Cadets, I signed on with the Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol.

Civil Air Patrol was my first real look into military life. This was also where I was given the chance to do something meaningful to more than just myself. As a starting basic, I was excited and scared for what was to come. After a three year career in CAP, achieving the rank of Cadet Staff Sergeant, and achiving numerous ratings in Emergency Services, I knew the military was what i wanted to do.

Since 8th grade, I have joined and currently train with the LA County Sheriffs Dept. as a deputy Explorer, where i have achieved the rank of Corporal, and taken a command position at my station, the Civil Air Patrol, where I have achieved the rank of Cadet Staff Sergeant as well as ratings as a Communications Unit Leader, Mission Radio Operator, Urban Direction Finder, Mission Staff Assisstant, and Ground Team Member level 3; The military explorers, First City Rifle Corps, Army Explorer post 124, and the LAFD Cadet program, Fire station 63, Venice Beach